Ed was born within walking distance of Lacock Abbey, the home of photographic inventor William Henry Fox Talbot. His first flirtation with photography, aged 6, involved a Box Brownie and an elephant at Bristol Zoo. At the age of 12 he stumbled on a copy of Richard Avedon's In The American West in the school library, which was probably his most meaningful experience of compulsory education.

In the early-1990s he shot bands at festivals for a couple of U.K. national music magazines. Leaving for univesity he was accompanied by a Bronica ETRC, morphing into a Pentax 67 by graduation. During those years he learned his way around a darkroom at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow and gained knowledge which is still foundational to his practice, even if now with a computer rather than chemicals.

After several nomadic years (Brussels, Bournemouth, Wales, Scotland…twice) playing the role of an imposter in the worlds of academia and music, he started taking photography more seriously.

Now based in sunny Bournemouth on the south coast of England, he specialises in location portraiture and fitness imagery for commercial and editorial clients.

He is a member of the P52 Collective.




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